Berlin. The festival that never ends.


Technically not a festival but going to Berlin in summertime is like going to one very long, never-ending festival. A city so rich in diversity, there is something to suit everyone. The clubs in Berlin go on for days and if you like, you don’t need to go home. There are places to chill, eat, sleep and even get a good cup of coffee come morning.

Berlin clubs are something else. They are not your standard, meat market vibe. They are unpretentious and chilled. Wear what you like, go at whatever time you like and don’t expect there to be fancy anything. Exactly how I like it.

Get that festival feeling..

Kater Blau
Originally Kater Holzig across the river and before Bar25, with its eclectic maze of small dance floors and super tunes, it is one of my top places to be come Sunday or Monday. Swings and bizarre decor. Smoke machines and masts. The Kater crew know how to throw a good party. Easily located near Ostbahnhof.

A little bigger than Kater, it has the similar vibe of entering a festival. With its little beach and fire pits, giant lampshades and old trucks. There is something very light hearted about Sisyphos, the bouncy tunes, the outdoor festival feel. It is guaranteed fun. Even when nighttime falls and you enter into the depths of the Hammerhalle to emerge a few days later.

Open airs
Every weekend there are different open airs. Some incredible. Some awful. Chat to locals, check out posters you see. These are different each week.

It is known that door policy is a little different to anywhere else in the world. They like your vibe- they let you in. Photos are not generally allowed especially in Sisyphos where you are kicked out if you take photos indoors. I kinda like it. What happens there, stays there.

Festivals to check out in Berlin

  • Fusion festival
  • Freqs of Nature

Check out whats happening each night here


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