Canopies of Green and seas made of stars.

Sometime last year I woke from a dream. In it a deck of tarot were laid out before me. I looked and chose a random card from the pack. Turning it over there was a waterfall and dense, rich jungle. Inscribed underneath the word Guatemala.

Four months later I find myself riding in the back of a truck with friends from America and an entire family carrying coffee on their backs. I think to how I tried to ignore such an obvious message. The universe laughed as my Indian visa was rejected. And so I laughed and began to follow a whole new flow. Following in a direction not even my dreams could have prepared me.

My new year was spent trekking days into the jungle. To the ancient Mayan- El Mirador. Elevated above a canopy of green, watching as nature has engulfed and swallowed a whole city, an entire civilisation. Swampy marshlands of mosquitos and waking to the unmistakable howlers yelling for everyone to get up. Somebody get him a lozenge! 
Laying beneath an entire sea of stars. No lights to interrupt. 
To following the flow in search of turquoise water and hot spring waterfalls. Letting life lead. Who knew that riding in the backs of trucks would be my favourite mode of transport. Mountains upon mountains. Flashes of colour as we pass women in their traditional dress. Women, men and children all carrying the fruits of their days harvest piled upon their backs. Our heads are not in the clouds, we are up high above them.

Climbing the highest dormant volcanic peak watching as the neighbouring fiery Fuego erupts. So high above the world. Lights of cities twinkle beneath you. Everything, nothing matter all the same.
Volcanoes erupting, dancing next to lava, mama earth at her finest. Shakti manifesting, shiva creating. Is this real? Somewhere life and dream began merging.

Dreaming, sleeping, waking, walking. I am learning how to fly again. Can I work through the layers of this world to all the others. Can I leave my body and follow my soul. Can I trust in myself. My world. My creation. Can I find the person I want to be, the person that is fully me.

This is a year full to the brim with dreams- finding, listening to and following them. There is no one in this entire universe that knows what you want better than you. There are signs and messages in creation all around you. Take a leap, a jump of faith and follow the magic that this life will bestow upon you.

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