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Let us be the change.

Spending the last few years exploring the world has taught me many things and rendered me speechless countless times. My heart has been ripped open and my mind expanded to worlds I would never otherwise have encountered. There has been one remarkable constant throughout. The people that have etched marks upon my soul and shown… Continue reading

As above so below.

  Walking along a stretch of white sand beach, drums echo in the distance and voices shouting for the soccer ball fill the air.  ‘Jambo’ to this new land. A paradise off the East African coastline. There is a distinct aura to Africa, an array of scents and sounds that intoxicate the air.  My eyes adjusting… Continue reading

You are the hero of your story.

  There is fire in her heart There are stories in her eyes Sights and smells and sounds engulfing every sense Wander into the unknown territories of her mind A kaleidoscope of colour you will find. Is she blind to what others plainly see Or perhaps it is a choice that leads her pointedly astray How… Continue reading