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Do small things with great love

My experience of Tallinn. Estonia was riddled with random acts of kindness. Snaking my way through the maze of cobbled streets, Tallin looks like something out of a fairytale. Old, ornate buildings and crooked alleyways. After a day of wandering I stumbled upon a vegan restaurant and waited to be seated at my table for… Continue reading

Finding the extra in the ordinary.

  Be inspired. Be inspired by the beauty that surrounds you. Find that extra in the ordinary. Look to the people. Look to the place. Look to the girl singing to a crowd on the sidewalk. Look to the old lady wearing a bright, shining gold cycling helmet. Look to the ominous clouds as they… Continue reading

Boom festival. Portugal

Every 2 years over the August full moon this magical land appears¬†and sets my soul alight.¬†By far my favourite festival to date- I cannot imagine being anywhere else on this planet while Boom is taking place. A few hours drive from Lisbon, Portugal will take you to a magical land filled with artistic mischief and… Continue reading

Ozora. Hungary

Rolling baselines and fields of green. Ozora is set in the heart of the Hungarian countryside. The psychedelic tunes and colours light up this quite bizarre land for a week every year. Ozora is quite a production. Decor is incredible at this festival and the MainStage sits in the middle of green grassy hills. Chill… Continue reading

Berlin. Uber alles.

Building walls around our houses, building walls around our hearts. Wandering around the East side gallery, an overwhelming realization came over me. Staring at tactile evidence of the division of humanity, those painfully painted bits of concrete made me realise how that for so long this has been our human solution. To divide, to conquer,… Continue reading