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Let us be the change.

Spending the last few years exploring the world has taught me many things and rendered me speechless countless times. My heart has been ripped open and my mind expanded to worlds I would never otherwise have encountered. There has been one remarkable constant throughout. The people that have etched marks upon my soul and shown… Continue reading

Memories from India.

As I sat in the parks of Berlin, blanket laid out selling my wares from India, I couldn’t help think back to the place they all came from. Rajasthan, land of the gypsy. Of desert landscapes and an abundance of colour. The high walls of the pink city holding in a mass of ordered chaos…. Continue reading

The eternal orgasm

‘Africa is the earth, her roots run deep ,she grounds you, her energy is raw. She is tribal and primal. India, India is like the air. She lets you fly, she is all in the head and its a full trip.’   As I now near the end of my trip, I gave up trying… Continue reading