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The art of life

Inspired by the artistic living of Yayoi Kusama. Watching her create her world. Making it visible and tangible so the rest of us can see what she sees. Her unique take on this life shared through her dots and pieces. A world of infinity mirrors. Lights pouring and dripping down dreams. Is that where we… Continue reading

Let us be the change.

Spending the last few years exploring the world has taught me many things and rendered me speechless countless times. My heart has been ripped open and my mind expanded to worlds I would never otherwise have encountered. There has been one remarkable constant throughout. The people that have etched marks upon my soul and shown… Continue reading

Things I already knew

There are not very many things that I am certain of in this life. But one thing that I am completely and utterly certain of is that this life will give you exactly what you need. You can meditate for hours but life will give you the lesson so that you can practice all that… Continue reading