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Inky black skies

When staring at an inky black sky filled with stars. The dark moon whispering magic into your veins. Expanse and the notion of galaxies beyond freeing your heart, your mind and your soul. Reading about the stars and movements of planets. Signs and meaning, playing into our conscious. Does it make sense. Do these planets… Continue reading

The art of life

Inspired by the artistic living of Yayoi Kusama. Watching her create her world. Making it visible and tangible so the rest of us can see what she sees. Her unique take on this life shared through her dots and pieces. A world of infinity mirrors. Lights pouring and dripping down dreams. Is that where we… Continue reading

Afrika Burn

If you haven’t heard of burning man then I am not quite sure where you have been? From hippies to celebrities to the ordinary festival goer. Burning man takes the cake for festivals. It is one of the worlds largest festivals where 65 000 people gather each year in the Nevada desert to celebrate art,… Continue reading

Sacred geometry of life

A elated mind and elated soul. Situations morphing and faces even more so. Laughing with a smile that doesn’t fade. Colours and patterns in all that is around you. The sacred geometry of life coming into vision. A glance or a look completely understood. Eyes closing for there is too much to take in. Then… Continue reading