Crossing continents. Trading cultures. Searching for yourself.

With every flight as I cross continents and trade one culture in for the next. I cant help but feel astounded at the accessibility we have to the rest of the world. How at the touch of a finger you can book a flight and wake up in a new country, a new place.

Sitting on my yoga mat on the floor of Madrid airport, slicing my Mexican avocado with a plastic knife, I await my flight home to Africa. Another year gone in the blink of an eye. Reality changing its face again. A never ending game. Soon as we are used to one thing, it laughs and points us down a whole other way. 
And amidst all of this, chopping and changing. Shaping and growing. It constantly asks us what is important, what do we hold onto, what do we need to let go. What stays the same on the inside when the outside is shifting.

Sometimes, and usually it comes when arriving home, this known but different reality that shakes and wakes up all feelings lying dormant. It challenges and asks me what is my purpose. It pushes and it prods me asking me to show off what I am worth. And this is where the true growth happens. This is where I test my knowledge. Will I sink and be drowned beneath a feeling of self imposed inadequacy or will I stand strong and swim against the current. Will I realise, know and see my worth. My sense of my own belonging.
Whats funny is its all a projection. We are all carrying tiny mirrors reflecting them in each others eyes. If home is here to push me then it certainly does its job and makes me look deeply into where I am at.
So right now I choose to remain in my shoes, dirty and scuffed. I await the lessons that lie ahead.
Reminding myself to never stop looking for the magic of each moment. To not be swept away in the chaos, but to go with lifes’ flow and remain in my truth.

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