Driving through desert plains

Driving through the Negev desert in Southern Israel.  An open, dry, reddish-brown expanse.
Open spaces clearing the mind. Opening up an expanse in the brain. Giving you space to breathe. Space to think clearly. Igniting my memories of Mongolia— of driving hours on end through the rolling Steppe, listening to the tales of Ghingis Khan.  Watching horses and yaks roam free, allowing myself to feel the same. And here in the desert looking on as the bedouins live their lives day to day. Moving slowly beneath the burning sun, answering to no one, guided by themselves, their animals and the elements.
Amidst such simplicity. Of living life where the grass is green. Not holding on, always packing up and moving on. How easy some make letting go seem.

Perhaps that is all there is to it. Deciding then and there thats how you want to live.

It only takes a moment to remember that our hearts are as vast as the biggest desert ,or the whole of the steppe. Wild and untamed, an expanse that never has an end.
All thats needed is one gulp of fresh air. One spacious moment of clarity. Things will forever be changing. Accept the only thing there is we know. There is nothing for you to hold on to.

It takes to know
It happens so that we grow
The things we fear
we hate or abhor
are pure reflections,
the dwellings
of our innermost nature
the purest
form of our being
interplays of shadow and light
letting our souls take flight
when the human part begins to fight
It’s alright
as with all a shift
a change occurs
allowing us to breathe
and smell the sweet nectar that is
Just before we become entrenched
This is not the end
This changing game
There is no pleasure
without feeling pain
There is no happiness
without contrasting tears of sadness
My mind can sometimes be
Kaleidoscopes of colour
Sometimes a blank wall
With one hand I grasp
The other I let go
Whatever it is
The cycles in samsara are circling again

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