Frida Kahlo

Wandering through the cobbled and colourful streets of San Cristobel in Mexico, I felt like a kid in a candyshop. The painted skulls and Frida drawings, fiery hearts and bright, bold colours adorned shops. 
Already fascinated and in love with Frida Kahlo’s art as well as her style. I got to thinking what it was about Frida Kahlo that made her such an icon.

I read that true art is timeless. It transcends and transforms with the ages, it knows no limits.
This is the allure of Frida. That even today she is fashionable. That she is beyond fashion.
What was it?. Her absolute honesty. Her beauty or her pain. Her utter raw and relentless nature.
Her life was full of love as well as tragedy. She loved deeply. Her life with Diego was fiery, intense and turbulent. Was it how she challenged convention? How she did not try to fit in. Knowing there is only one unique shape that is in everybody. She was her own muse. She was the subject she knew best.
Was there something in the way in which she embodied life even when her body wouldn’t allow.
It is interesting to contemplate the masters and artists that have been able to transcend time. The beings that live on as icons.

For me the thread that runs through their greatness is their ability to be themselves. Frida is in my mind the perfect illustration of embodying your own unique being. 
She didn’t run away from the darkness or strangeness that resides within. She explored it. She exposed it. Something we should all strive toward. So often we look elsewhere for inspiration when we could simply look inward. We are fascinating beings. We are all works of art. Find and share the magic inside of you. Settle for nothing and no one that does not see that magic too.



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