Inky black skies

When staring at an inky black sky filled with stars. The dark moon whispering magic into your veins. Expanse and the notion of galaxies beyond freeing your heart, your mind and your soul.
Reading about the stars and movements of planets. Signs and meaning, playing into our conscious.
Does it make sense. Do these planets and their orbits trickle into our psyche. Do I really believe Jupiter will help me expand. Or that Venus will stir the pot of my relationships.
For my own sense of belief it is looking up to something greater. Seeing beyond the finite self we live in. Realising were part of something beyond that which we see.
Believing in a collective conscious that we all are a part of. That we are all in this process together. Learning and growing and trying to make sense of the lives that we lead.
The moon pulling our tides, waxing and waning our emotional bodies. Lighting a path and way for us to shine. When to sleep and when to create. When to turn inwards and seek our own counsel.
Following and flowing with the cycles of nature. Allowing certain forces to be.
We follow the sun as it rises and sets. We follow the seasons as they bring us light then darkness. Warmth and cold. We follow the earth as it makes a journey around the sun.
We look forward to Fridays and experience Monday blues. We can feel the energy shift as we pass the hump that is Wednesday.
Why not take all the help we can get. Why not allow ourselves to feel whatever it is we need to feel. Knowing each moment will pass, every thing that we feel will eventually change. We cannot pretend we are not part of the cycles. Into what is the query but there is no need to worry. It will ebb and flow and it will certainly keep on changing. The challenges will too take their twists and their turns. But in the end its all toward the same goal. And thats to make the most of our lives. To live in the most amount of love that we can. Returning, always returning to the same space of love.

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