Let us be the change.

Spending the last few years exploring the world has taught me many things and rendered me speechless countless times. My heart has been ripped open and my mind expanded to worlds I would never otherwise have encountered. There has been one remarkable constant throughout. The people that have etched marks upon my soul and shown me strength and wisdom beyond belief. The women.

From tiny mountain villages in Northern India, the isolated steppe of Mongolia and lakeside towns in Guatemala. In these distant and remote places I have always come to feel the same feeling of being in awe of the women. They were the ones raising the family and cooking the meals, tending to the herds of animals. I saw women dressed in saris carrying bricks on their head, paving the roads. All solo female travelers on missions to find themselves. Adventuring into the Himalayas alone. 
 Their power astounded me.

One issue that travel highlighted for me as a woman was the lack of feminine hygiene available. Growing up in a city, it never crossed my mind before. Taken for granted I can always pop to the shop, theres a wide variety of products to suit every kind of cycle available. My travels showed me this was not always the case. Often unavailable women used whatever they could- rags, newspaper. Not only that, most women couldn’t even afford it.

So I discovered the alternative. The menstrual cup. Holding 3 x as much as a tampon, reusable and sustainable. No risk of infection, of toxic shock. Not destroying our planet by creating endless waste. How was this not the solution for every woman? It is economical and good for the planet. Not to mention it is comfortable and empowering to use.

Times are changing. The words ‘the curse’ should never be used again. It is not something that we should ever feel ashamed of, that should ever be looked upon as anything but sacred.
 These wombs that carry life. The ultimate creation. Should be respected and looked after. It should be a given right that we do not need to suffer. That every woman has access to a hygienic and sustainable way to cope.

It is time for women to step into their power. To be empowered. To know that we are scared vessels. The carriers of life. We are mothers, we are sisters, we are lovers, we are Goddesses.

It will be be a battle to change the mindsets of millions. So long has our planet supported our natural needs. Industry has caused us to forget what we need and go after greed.
But its time to stop. WE are becoming conscious. We are rising as the people. 
WE can choose change.

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