Let us live, work and most of all play.

So long have we been enslaved. Enslaved by ideals that are far from ideal.

Enslaved by societies telling us exactly how we should act. Enslaved by the beauty of our earthly bodies. So many years of this has conditioned our minds. We compete, we fear, we don’t know our own strength. A strength that lies not within brutal force but a strength that lies deep within our souls, our hearts and our minds.
I choose to change, I choose to see the truth.
You are my sisters. You are my soul mates.
You are so much more than the flesh you wish to so perfectly shape. We have been given so much yet we don’t seem to focus on the things that truly matter. Fear and competition divide us. Confusion and misunderstanding have led us to act astray. It is time for us to unite. Side by side we need to encourage one another. Instead of feeding weakness, we need to embody our strengths.
Our capacity to love, our natural softness, our distinct intuition and innate ability to care. These things are our tools to create and look after this world we live in. We have so much to give, so much to learn. There lies a wealth of knowledge within our souls. We already know, it is in us, it’s there. Be open, access all the beauty and brilliance that is shining within you.
And men as our partners, our equals and our opposites. Let us bring out the best in each other.
Let the dynamics of nature flow and let us live and love in complete and utter harmony.
Let us all be free and in that freedom let our love intertwine.
As the Mother our Earth and the Father our Source, let us all live and work and most of all play our way through this life together.

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