Island life

Can I be honest and say I didn’t even know about Belize. But this small little country nestled between Guatemala and Mexico has a unique beat of its own. A reggae and rusta fusion with a sprinkling of Latino. Just the kind of rhythm you would imagine a chilled island in the Caribbean to have.A… Continue reading

A poem about love

I thought I knew love but it changed and twisted and shaped itself so differently I thought I knew you but you changed’ and I changed’ as we twisted Our backs turned Scattering and Shattering veils of illusion Through waves of pain anger sadness Love remains the strongest deepest the fondest and maybe its for… Continue reading

Things I already knew

There are not very many things that I am certain of in this life. But one thing that I am completely and utterly certain of is that this life will give you exactly what you need. You can meditate for hours but life will give you the lesson so that you can practice all that… Continue reading

As above so below.

  Walking along a stretch of white sand beach, drums echo in the distance and voices shouting for the soccer ball fill the air.  ‘Jambo’ to this new land. A paradise off the East African coastline. There is a distinct aura to Africa, an array of scents and sounds that intoxicate the air.  My eyes adjusting… Continue reading

You are the hero of your story.

  There is fire in her heart There are stories in her eyes Sights and smells and sounds engulfing every sense Wander into the unknown territories of her mind A kaleidoscope of colour you will find. Is she blind to what others plainly see Or perhaps it is a choice that leads her pointedly astray How… Continue reading

Do small things with great love

My experience of Tallinn. Estonia was riddled with random acts of kindness. Snaking my way through the maze of cobbled streets, Tallin looks like something out of a fairytale. Old, ornate buildings and crooked alleyways. After a day of wandering I stumbled upon a vegan restaurant and waited to be seated at my table for… Continue reading

From Russia with love

Today I left Russia. My last stop on the Trans-Siberian railway but not the last on this trip. Unexpected is the word that I would use to best describe my experience. Not that I began with all too many expectations. China, Mongolia and especially Russia were all places not too many people I know have traveled to…. Continue reading

Mongolia. Land of the Khan.

Land of the mighty Ghingis khan. Spanning the Steppe, the golden dunes of the Gobi and the ever-white Kazakh mountains- Mongolia seems to be endless pastures of vast nothingness. Driving for days crossing only the occasional ger, it is rugged, wild and intensely serene. The people are friendly and curious. The landscape is unique and… Continue reading


With the directions to a nearby veggie restaurant in hand, I navigate my way deep into the narrow hutongs of the Dongcheng district. My ravenous belly and I have walked an entire portion of the Great wall today. Lost and almost giving up as Beijing locals point me in every which way. Some argue and then… Continue reading