Staying connected

She smiles a toothless grin as she sells her wares
How beautiful her ancient lined face
The sun and a thousand years experience have carved their place
Her mind wanders as her eyes grow vacant
surrounded by this lake and erupting volcanoes
Magic and mystery breathed into every day
The time when no tourists came
When the language of her ancestors was born from the wind
Clicking and shushing like the waves hitting rocks
And now the streets are paved with wandering hippies
Seeking and searching the secrets of her people
Its part human nature to wander and explore
Its partly because their own culture exists no more
She returns and watches half amused
Chanting her song that sells her wares

Everyday this little old lady sat selling her bananas on the pavement of a walkway. A little town nestled into the side a dormant volcano on the magnificent lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Everyday she chanted her song. Banana, banana. 
It is one of those things you see a lot when traveling. Tiny villages becoming havens for travellers. Isolated places in the most magical and serene of settings. There is nothing we can do about the world changing pace. There is no point to argue whether you think it wrong or right. The fusing of cultures. The changing of traditions. People will always choose and follow the lifestyles that appeal.

But I am always curious when I see the elders. Dressed in their traditional ware, humbly sitting by watching the new forms of life spring up in their homelands. What memories lie beneath each wrinkle, what knowledge is within.
Its a beautiful past time we have let flitter away in the wind. The traditions of story telling seeming to fade away. Those little bits of magic shared when listening to another speak. Where values and morals and knowledge were passed down. Where parts of our hearts might be ignited and our souls might be stirred. Where we might gain a better understanding into the ways of the world. The mysteries of life. All before we leave and enter again.

It is a beautiful thing that technology brings. The immediate access to information, the satisfying of every curious whim within. But there are ancient rituals that we still need to connect to.
 The ones that feed our souls and open the fires in our hearts. Still meeting and eating and talking and sharing.
Honouring the traditions that help us truly stay connected.

Photo by photito.

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