The art of life

Inspired by the artistic living of Yayoi Kusama. Watching her create her world. Making it visible and tangible so the rest of us can see what she sees. Her unique take on this life shared through her dots and pieces. A world of infinity mirrors. Lights pouring and dripping down dreams. Is that where we live in eternity? Psychedelic prints and giant pumpkins. Embracing and embodying what it means to truly be oneself.

Inspiring the creator within us all. To share. To show. To accept. Each of us has a unique journey, vision, perspective. We don’t know what anyone else sees. except when they choose to share. What else is there to do as we let our lives unfold but allow our imaginations to blossom and grow. Instead of shutting down let your life inspire you. Look for the moments that weave the unique fabric of your life. Let them burn through you to create and make your life living, breathing art.




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