The cycles. The circles. Life goes on.

Yesterday I watched as a soul departed this earth. One second and a life disappeared. Oh Kali, you took him, please set his soul free. I can’t help but wonder was he in those last moments at peace? I truly see now how we are only here for the experience, we are just passing through. What is it that you take with you? Its nothing tangible, there is nothing for you to hold on to.
 A pod of dolphins swam below us as we sipped on our coffees. Again we saw them as we watched the sunset. A full cycle today. Beginnings and endings. I sat and I realised as the party thumped on, one soul goes and another comes in. Life goes on.

Walking, rushing, running by.
We are all lost in our own worlds.
The dance of this life.
Forward and back, the tides of creation.
All entangled, we are shaping the reality we see.
Entranced. Its a dance.
Where you are going?
Up an elevator. On a plane.
Lying outstretched on the beach
Did you feel the sand with your hands?
A baby is born. Another dies.
A perfect balance.
A circle, it carries on.
I watch as the sky is set alight beneath me
What does your soul see?
The webs are spinning
Round and round
Where are you going?
What are we doing?
Dancing this dance
So beautiful
Each intrinsically unique
As we twirl
Our arms brush past
I blink.
You’re gone.
This journey is your own.
But you are never alone.
I am still smiling from your smile.
Do you see?
It is nothing but a mirror reflecting.
And I am spinning again.

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