The most important path is one only you can explore

The more I travel, the wider my horizon becomes. The more I travel, the more it becomes a way of life.
It is the way I have chosen to learn my lessons and how I choose to seek my inner truth. It is the way in which I have opted to find my happiness and let my heart settle into peace. It is where I feel most alive. It is where I face all my fears. There is no wrong or right way in choosing how you live this life. Just choose the path that sets your soul alight. The one that allows you to shine bright.

I read somewhere that all man used to be semi-nomadic, moving with the weather and when different soil was needed. As we began to plant our food, agriculture planted us. We rooted and claimed land to be ours. We no longer moved and our roles became fixed.
Life was simple yet stagnant. Journeys where left to the explorers.
Then factories came and life fast forwarded. Produce more, whatever you want, wherever you want. There is supply and there is demand.
And now it is as if life is swooshing by. On a plane, on a train, have you seen it online?
We are so connected that we forget to look around. We forget to put our hands in the soil. We forget what it is like to simply be.
So when did it all change. When did the meaning of roots change from our connection to earth to the colour fading in your hair.
And while yes you can google an image, there is nothing quite like watching a real volcano erupt.
There’s nothing quite like jumping off a cliff. There’s nothing quite like hitching a ride in the back of a truck.
All this technology is kind of great. The potential for learning is limitless. But when it takes us from really experiencing life that is when it’s gone amiss. We were meant for the outdoors. Nature is in fact our home. Our bodies were not created to only sit. They are made to move and to groove. To dance under the naked starry sky.
We need to somehow see there isn’t always a need for an agenda. Life opens up when you give it a chance.
We are all a little different. What we think is not the same. But when we stop to do exactly that. Then we find, we are in fact the same. We all laugh and we all smile. We all want to feel loved.
There are many roads to travel. Each path is unique and its own. There is no wrong and there is no right. But for every Gods’ sake we have to stop the need to fight.
We need to rethink what it means to live. We need to learn that we cannot take without forgetting to give. There are mouths to feed and minds to grow. There is more than enough for every man. If we went from gaining for the personal to sharing and caring for the whole. To making sure that no man was left behind. Imagine if priorities became the things that are truly important.
Perhaps it sounds like a dream. Something so far fetched. But what are we doing if we don’t hope for the best. We are 7 billion souls. We all have a reason for being here.
There are many lessons I am learning, many more still waiting to be learnt. There is nowhere to run. there is nowhere to hide. The most important road you will ever travel is internal and eternal.

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