The super nomads


No longer are we bound geographically. We are free to roam as we please. On the internet, on a plane, in your mind. We are the age of super nomads. As we tap our screens in one country, the message is delivered in another. There are no rules and we can work whenever, wherever. We can go to sleep on one continent and wake up fresh in another.

There is no one defined culture. Every land is a fusion of colours, beliefs, traditions and within it, all walks of life. Our lives are fast paced. they are transient. We the generation of ‘on demand’ and the next is one step further. Everything moving and continuously changing.

Do not become a part of mass production. Embrace your unique ability to be one in a sea of seven billion. Walk down the path you yourself want to tread. Do not be defined by where you come from or what you are meant to believe.

Let your life be a mixture of all the elements you have ever dreamt of. Don’t be bound or feel constricted. Choose to be in with the flow of your own life. Seek out your own sense of style. Ruthlessly discard anything that does not serve you. Take only what you need, what you want. Mix to clash. Let unique reign. Be kind, be bold, be brazen. Embody whatever you want, be whoever you want and run wild.

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