Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

The simplest and most complicated question that runs through the thread of our lives. Searching for significance. Finding tidy descriptions of normality that we hope to contort ourselves into.

We’re young then we’re old. And there is that bit in the middle.

From birth begins consciousness until we become self-conscious. We tell the truth when we’re young and we think we’re invincible until we are told we are not. We find out whether its maths or art we are good at. Forgetting there’s a whole lot more than just those 2 alternatives. Our education will never end. We can never be full from learning or reach our potential for growth. Isn’t that wonderful to think?

We may walk on eggshells or we may push our way to the front. Superior or inferior. Until we hopefully figure out that neither will work. What is really important will be to find that place in the middle. It is in that place that our ego is at rest. That place where our soul resides, our ego need not overpower nor hide. This is where and when we can openly share our gift with this world. 

What it means to be alive. What it means to exist. Life is our message. We are our message. To transcend the boxes. The ideas of what we think we are or what we think others think we should be.

Some might call it eccentric. Let us rephrase it, authentic.

We realise its not about comparison. How can one gift outshine another. It is about finding how we can be the best version of the person only we are meant to be.
That we all have a place. We are all here because that is just how it is supposed to be. There are no accidents or coincidences. 
That no matter how low you may feel or lonely it may seem, you have everything you will ever need deep inside of you. You just need to look into that thing pumping inside your chest. And you feel your way forward. It is an internal song only you can hear. A recipe only you can follow.
 It will be your most valuable asset. Your truth will set you free.
It may sound cheesy when it is said out loud. Like some quote you pinned on pinterest.
But what in this life is more important than your happiness?

So try and remember to not look to others for anything but inspiration. Be happy for their gains. Show kindness to those in pain. Be there for others. Hold each others hand and give lots of hugs. You are sharing this ride. 
Their recipe will not bake your cake. It will not bring you the joy or make your heart sing. It goes for the same in reverse. Nothing will bring you the same satisfaction as will sharing your unique thing. Go back to the time when you knew exactly what you wanted to do. Before people told you there were boxes you had to fit into. Be a circle. Be an octagon.
Be and live with every fibre of your being. You. Just you. The unmistakable you.
In every expression and whatever shape. 

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